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Sarawak PKR leadership endorses plight of the Mulu communities

Sarawak PKR leadership endorses plight of the Mulu communities

Mulu natives meet Malaysian Minister of Works Baru Bian and State Assemblyman See Chee How in Kuching

(KUCHING / MALAYSIA) Penan and Berawan leaders from Sarawak’s interior met with Sarawak PKR leader cum Malaysian Minister of Works, YB Baru Bian, and Batu Lintang State Assemblyman, YB See Chee How, on Saturday to inform them on the struggle for their Natives Customary Rights land which is threatened by an oil palm plantation.

Penan headman Ukau Lupung from Bateu Bungan and Berawan leader Willie Kajan from Kampung Melinau informed the PKR leaders on the situation on the ground where logging is ongoing despite promises by the Sarawak state government that logging operations would be stopped until a solution for the conflict is found.

The Penan communities of the region unanimously reject the logging on their land while the Berawan are split over the issue. Both the Penan and Berawan have overlapping claims over the same lands which have been sustainably used by the communities for centuries.

Batu Lintang State Assemblyman See Chee How, who is a lawyer by profession, assured the Penan and Berawan leaders that he would personally represent them to help them secure their Native Customary Rights over the disputed area.

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